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The PHCC Auxiliary consists of men and women with the purpose of “working in partnership with the plumbing, heating and cooling industry through cooperation, communication, and education.”

We are comprised of members who have a wide variety of backgrounds. The common denominator, however, is an interest in the p-h-c industry. We hold diverse jobs from nursing, teaching, homemaking, sales, business owners, contractors, secretaries, etc. … you name it. You can become as involved or uninvolved as you wish to be.

If you would like to join, please complete the following to steps to sign up as a new member of the Auxiliary.

1. Complete the application below and click submit to send it to the Membership Secretary.
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You will receive an email with more information and links. Welcome to the Auxiliary!

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The PHCC-National Auxiliary, in cooperation with the PHCC-National Association, promotes public awareness of the industry through education and communication.

PHCC-National Auxiliary Membership Dues
Regular Member………………………………Full Year $100.00
Senior (65+) Member…………………Full Year $50.00