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About the Auxiliary

The PHCC Auxiliary is a group of dedicated people who share an interest in the Plumbing–Heating–Cooling Industry and who are willing to give their time and talents in support of that industry. The objectives of the Auxiliary are:

  • to promote the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association,
  • strengthen communication to effectively promote public awareness and
  • foster and improve relationships throughout the plumbing-heating-cooling industry.

Over its history, the Auxiliary has evolved from representing the business women within the industry to a diverse group of men and women that serve as the marketing arm of the Association. In many cases, Auxiliary members are also contractor members who wish to support the objectives of the Auxiliary, as well as PHCC.

The Auxiliary promotes education through the production of educational materials, fundraising, distribution of scholarships and industry grants and a boots-on-the-ground effort to raise interest in the industry as a career. College scholarships are awarded on annual basis; last year the amount of the scholarships totaled over $50,000.

Recruiting into the industry is a major focus of the educational effort. Age-specific educational materials are produced for elementary, middle and high school age students to explain the opportunities that are available for careers within the industry. The materials include a coloring book, a pamphlet and 20-page full-color brochure entitled, “Constructing Your Future,” and career videos that are both on our website and also on YouTube.

The Auxiliary actively supports vocational education programs, Skills USA and apprenticeship and trade school programs. Members devote many hours each year to distributing information, meeting with guidance counselors and recruiting at open houses and career day programs.

The Auxiliary also provides members with information on the legislative process and legislation affecting the industry. In conjunction with PHCC's legislative efforts, we lend their numbers in influencing the legislative process at the local, state and national levels. The membership of the Auxiliary is counted when measuring the influence exerted by PHCC. Auxiliary members participate in the annual Legislative Conference visiting Congressional members on the Hill in Washington, D.C.

The first 85-years of the Auxiliary’s formal organization is chronicled in A Partnership Unique, the companion to the Association’s history, A Heritage Unique. It is the story of the family-owned business in America, of women in our society and the work that has been done to eliminate unsanitary conditions and the diseases that result from them. It is amazing to consider the fact that the women of the Auxiliary were formally recognized two years before women obtained the right to vote in America. In 2013 the records of the National Auxiliary were accepted by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History where they reside in the Archives Center for research and historical documentation.

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