100TH Anniversary Videos 

New Auxiliary Logo
As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, the PHCC—National Auxiliary unveiled three videos at PHCCCONNECT2021 in Kansas City, Missouri.

See the descriptions and video links below to experience the dedication and contributions this well-respected group provides to better the
p-h-c industry.

VIDEO: Discover Key Changes and the Impact Auxiliary Members Have Made on the Plumbing and HVAC industry

(Video Length 3:06)

The PHCC-National Auxiliary has always worked to improve the p-h-c industry. Long-term Auxiliary members were asked to describe the changes and impacts they have witnessed during their involvement with the Auxiliary. These women provided a variety of answers noting sweeping changes including the use of the PHCC logo to promote the industry along with education and scholarships to benefit students. For example, PHCC of Illinois Executive Director Bev Potts cited key impacts Auxiliary members made including improving water quality and sanitation, along with an emphasis on workforce development. Past Auxiliary President Terry Giebelhaus also added that she felt the greatest impact was "to improve the image of the plumber." Somehow, it doesn't get any better than that!  

VIDEO: Take a Historical Montage Tour of the PHCC—National Auxiliary’s Centennial

(Video Length 1:38)

In 2013 the records of the PHCC-National Auxiliary were accepted by the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History where they reside in the Archives Center for Research and Historical Documentation. At PHCCCONNECT2019 in Indianapolis, the National Auxiliary kicked off the 100-year Anniversary celebration.

This video is a picturesque montage of photographs and artifacts reflecting the women who served the Auxiliary and their abundant activities. Dozens of photos sweep across the screen, along with former Auxiliary pins, awards, and articles. There are even scrapbooks and pages of recipes. It is a beautiful testament to see these historical Auxiliary images and documents located in the Smithsonian Museum, thanks to the hard work of Past Auxiliary President Lynne Finley.

VIDEO: Learn Why PHCC—National Auxiliary Members Joined and the They Value of Their Membership

(Video Length 11:17)

You will first notice the long length of time Auxiliary members commit to involvement, from 29 all the way up to 45 years of membership. They became involved for a host of reasons, from their spouses signing them up to proudly being a third-generation member. These women describe their activities while serving to include raising scholarship funds, leading public relations efforts, co-chairing conventions to being a chaplain. One strong impact involved changing specific bylaws so industrious women who had strong industry interests could join the Auxiliary. Being a member has given these women the opportunity to develop deep and lasting friendships with people all over the world. It's like a 'family reunion' at the PHCC convention. They exhibit a 'team effort' which exemplifies the overall industry. Proud Auxiliary members, we salute  you!

For more information about the Auxiliary, including information on how to join, contact membership@phccnationalauxiliary.org

History Book Information
The original history book of the PHCCNational Auxiliary, A Partnership Unique, was delivered at the 2005 National Convention in Kissimmee, FL. It was produced in both hardcover and softcover. The softcover version is available for purchase at a price of $15 plus postage. To obtain a copy, please email Lynne Finley at LynneFinley@icloud.com

The fifteen-year update of the book was completed in 2020. That file is available using the download link below. 

Fifteen-Year Update 

Smithsonian Acquires Auxiliary Records

Honoring the Founder (Mrs. Hornbrook's Grave)

Officers List