Robert M. Cox Award Information

Award Categories
The Robert M. Cox Awards recognize outstanding projects put forth by the local Auxiliaries, state Auxiliaries and members-at-large (member where there is no state auxiliary). Awards will be based on activities in the categories of Image and Recruitment. Judging will place entries in the proper category.  Those include: 

Image (Industry Related)            

PHCC Professional Image Awareness        
Consumer Safety Programs
Convention and/or Trade Shows
Legislative Efforts
Community Service Projects
Related Seminars


Apprenticeship Training Continuing Education Promoting Industry Careers & Recruiting into the 
PHCC Membership Recruiting
Auxiliary Membership Recruiting
Related Seminars


  • Separate nomination forms must be submitted for each project, not to exceed three projects.
  • Projects must have been completed within the past year.
  • Include with each entry a detailed explanation of the project, including photos, newspaper articles, notes from recipients, etc. See “Judging” section for criteria used to determine the winners.
  • Entries must be received by August 1.

An independent panel of judges will review nominations. To ensure fair competition among entrees, each will be categorized as noted on entry form. All entries will be reviewed based on the following criteria, judged on a scale from 1-10 in each area. Maximum point total is 30; point total in each category determines the award.
1) Impact on the PHCC Association, Auxiliary and industry or the local community. 
2) Joint cooperation between the Auxiliary and contractor association. 
3) Description of the implementation of activity and the results achieved. 

Upload documentation of photos, newspaper articles, certificates of appreciation, letters and notes is essential to validate the information provided.

The Robert M. Cox Awards will grant first place and second place prizes to qualifying entries in each of the two categories in two membership sizes and to members-at-large. First place will not be awarded to the same Auxiliary in consecutive years, unless they are the only entry in their category and membership size.

Entries must be received by August 1.

Email Nikki Wagner at: 
Or call Nikki at 414-930-1460